Can online casino play be a steppingstone into online sports betting (and vice versa)?


Two of the biggest niches within online gambling are playing internet casino games and online sports betting. Both generate billions of dollars per year in revenue and people from across the planet get involved with them. On the face of it, they are two distinct ways of having fun and making some extra money. Many players will begin doing one and then eventually move into the other as well.

For example,you can start off playing poker, blackjack, or roulette online before beginning to bet on sports in this way. It does seem, therefore, that online casino play can be a steppingstone to online sports betting (and vice versa). But why is that?

Modern apps simplify moving between each

Whether you start off playing online casino games or betting on sports, you will be likely to use a mobile app. Many of these apps allow you to do both, which makes it easy and quick for people to move from one to the other. The best NJ gambling app for New Jersey residents allows both casino play and sports betting as an illustration of this idea in action.For those who also like to use desktop devices, many online sites have both sportsbooks and casino games you can access with no fuss.

It gets you comfortable with online play

For many people, playing casino games onlinehas become something they are comfortable with and find enjoyable. After a while, you will feel at home logging on to play classic slots or card games while being up to speed with how gambling websites work. That can be a steppingstone to sports betting online as you are far more likely to feel comfortable enough to gamble in this way after playing at online casinos. Whether you do both at the same site or different ones, starting with casino play online can help you feel confident enough to bet on sports over the internet. Of course, this idea also works in reverse.

Online casino and sports betting shows winning is possible

Many people can often feel a little unsure as to online sports betting or playing casino games online for money. They may wrongly assume it is hard to win or can lose you lots of money. By trying one out first and understanding that this is not true if you play responsibly, it can also dispel any worries about trying the other. Playing an online slot that you win on, for example, can then make you feel more confident about placing sports bets online afterward.

Online casino play and sports betting feel similar

While the intricacies of what each involves naturally varies, the feeling around casino play online and sports betting over the internet remains similar. It is this similarity in how you do it and how much fun it can be that provides the basis for one being the steppingstone to the other. Once you have enjoyed spinning the roulette wheel a few times, heading over to back your favorite team in a big game seems no big deal.